Ornated horned frog

My frog

front view I have a Bell's ornated horned frog. I think he sometime calling, he is male. Snout to vent length is about 6cm(2.4inch). When I was boy, I always keep some animals(bird , frog, snake, dog, fish, etc). But recently, I don't have any animals. I found him at tropical fish shop and I charmed him. Then I got information from comercial BBS (Nifty-Serve), I think it's easy to keep him. But actually, it is not so easy to keep him. But I love him, and studing hepetology is very interesting! [side view photo(GIF)103KB]


Bell's horned frog's scientific name is Ceratophrys Ornata. It means 'horned' and 'ornated'. He lives south America. It belongs to 'Leptodactylidae'. Ceratophrys frog is ....

How to keep him

There are many information in English. But Japanese information is not available except for a some tropical fish magazine's article. Please read these link's infromtaion.
How to keep cranwell horned frog by Tuomas Koivu
How to keep Ornate Horned Frogs by Melissa Kaplan
FAQ about Argentinian Horned Frog
Pacman Frog Care Sheet


I usually feed him cricket with vitumin and calcium dusting. I use Rep-Cal Research Lab's 'HERPTIVITE' and 'Phsphorous-Free CALCIUM with VIT. D3'.

Keeping crickets

At Japan, cricket(Gryllus bimaculatus) is popular. At America , domestic cricket(Acheta domestica) is popular. For to keep only one frog, it is easy to buy cricket from a pet shop weekly. But it is easy and cheap to keep criket by my own, especially keeping many frogs. Plese refer these links.


There are many English book.
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    32 page reaflet. This is very useful.
  2. Hunziker R. 1994. Horned Frogs. T.F.H. Publications
    All color(48p). This book describes breeding horned frog.
  3. de Vosjoli, P. , Mailloux R., "The husbandry and propagation of the Chacoan horned frog(Ceratophrys cranwelli)",The VIVARIUM Vol 1(2):5-7
  4. Biological reference from Free MEDLINE
  5. DNA sequence of horned frog's cytochrome b
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  6. NCBI Taxonomy Browser(Anura)
    NCBI Genebank's frog taxnomy browser.
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