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This homepage is written by Masashi "BEN-ZEN" Fukuda. -under construction-
If you can understand Japanese language but your browser or OS don't support Japanese character, you can read my homepage via [S]Shodouka Launchpad. Click here. (It is necessary that your browser support IMAGES.)
Some information are only for Japanese people except for "Horned frog page" , abstract of my homepage is described below.
Horned frog [English page] [Japanese page]
The world largest horned frog(packman frog, Ceratophrys ornata) page! It inclueds bibliography and some other frog and herp related links.
Massif [English page is not available] [Japanese page only]
"Massif" is a palmtop computer manufactured by OMRON Corp. This computer is available only JAPAN. I've been used this computer for 3 years. Finaly I wrote a book of Massif ,"Massif Hyperguide" with my friend. In this page, I offer some information of Massif.

By OMRON America , English model "Toucan" had been sold until about two years ago. I have some information about Toucan, too. If you need information about Toucan, contact me.

Japanese input method "KAZE" and "OTRI" [Japanese page only]
We , Japanese , uses four different character sets on writing Japanese. They are HIRAGANA , KATAKANA (pronouncing character) , KANJI(describing character) and English alphabets. These character sets have 50, 50, about 10,000 , and 26, respectively. Sometime, it is said that Japanese is most difficult language to write. And it is same to use Japanese character on computer, especialy difficult to typing Japanese character KANJI.

The input method , "KAZE" was invented by Mr. Masatomo Togashi and "OTRI" is a compatible device driver writtern by me.

Book review [English page is not available] [Japanese page only]
Recent book review by myself. Some English book included.
Mr. Kaneta's DC audio amplifier system [English page is not available] [Japanese page only]
Bibliography of Mr. Kaneta's unique high quality sound system.
Software library [English page is not available] [Japanese page only]
Almost all of my software is specialized to Japanese computer and Japanese characters.
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