frequently asked questions of my page

How to download programs from this home page? I only see meaningless text.

You might see the encoded programs as shown below when you try to download from my home page. This is BinHex4.0 encoded text and it is the program you are going to get. Please wait a while to transmit the full text.

(This file must be converted with BinHex 4.0)

After you got the text, save it through Save As... command in File menu of your browser (may be Netscape or Internet Explorer). Drag the icon of saved file to appropriate decoder (StuffItExpander, etc) and the program will instantly appear.

I got Bunny Train 1.24e from the info-mac archives and are having a problem with starting the program. Every time I try to launch the program my computer freezes.

I've been trying to find out the problem. I think this problem happened because the person who uploaded my game to info-mac made some mistake. I got the Bunny Train from info-mac and that program froze my Macintosh, too. Please get my Bunny Train from my WWW home page.

I have been playing MaciGame before but someday MaciGame didn't launch again and the dialog said "User Resource Error 136 occurred".

"User Resource Error 136 occurred" is related to a high score file. High score file may be damaged. Please move the score file out of macigame folder, and launch the game again. Macigame will automatically create a new score file. If you are lucky, you can read the previous high score data through high score dialog. Excuse me for my unskilled program.

What do the words Maci, Same, Kome, Choi, Tume and Marukoma mean in English?


Maci is the first part of the word 'Macintosh'.
Game is an English word.

You should pronounce 'MaciGame' as 'mah-ki-gah-meh'.
Same is an English word.

SameGame means the rule of the game in English. The aim of the game is to couple the same kind of pieces.
Mame bean: named to express small pieces
Kome raw rice: named to express very small pieces

We usually use 'Mame' & 'Kome' to express tiny things in Japanese.
Choi short: I named ChoiGame to express 'playing for short time'.
Tume named from 'Tume-Shogi'

'Tume-Shogi' is certain playing rule of Japanese chess; 'shogi'. In Tume-Shogi, some shogi pieces are arranged to quiz a movement to achieve a checkmate. You must find out the way to perfect the TumeGame like Tume-Shoogi.

'Tume' is also named from programing TumeGame. The game program stacks up the pieces to arrange the perfect game. Stack is 'tumeru' in Japanese.
Maru round
Koma character

I would like to discuss a publishing arrangement for Macigame. Please let me know whether the game is available for commercial distribution.

I'm not only person who have rights of the game. Many people gave their ideas for MaciGame for distributing as freeware. You may bundle my game in CD-ROM of your book. Please let me know before your publication. Commercial distribusion is not allowed. You should contact us about your plan.

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