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Japanese Home Page is 'here'.

I've made some freeware games for Mac.
Thank you for playing MaciGame. Hope you enjoyed it. I distributed some characters of the game in my WWW home page.

I participated Japanese traditional Gion Festival in Kyoto.
Here are some information related to progressive rock concerts in Japan.

MaciGame v2.17e
MaciGame v1.74e (120K)
This game is dangerous for busy person, because addictive.

GO! GO! Rabbit Train v1.24E (160K)
Clip De Pyon v0.46e MapWrite v0.42J (30K)
FileNameChanger v0.78 Watcher Of The System 0.74
1: if system extensions and control panels were installed with installation of application.
2: if system extensions and control panels were installed even when only running application.
3: if system becomes unstable without any definite reason.

FAQ. of my page.

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My land mail address is in the documentation text included with the game.
(since 1996/08/26)