r Original history of MaciGame

The idea of 'MaciGame' is not my original. In 1985, Kuniaki Moribe first thought the game rule and made the game named 'Chain Shot!', in which the same color pieces were to be coupled. You can see the screenshot of 'Chain Shot!' here in Kuniaki's home page. Some clone games were made after 'Chain Shot!'. Eiji Fukumoto made 'SameGame' for UNIX under influence of 'Chain Shot!' in 1992. Eiji made the game using character fonts.

Wataru Yoshioka played Eiji's SameGame and made the game for PC-9801(NEC) in late 1992. PC-9801 was the most popular personal computers in Japan at that time. Wataru's game was graphically exellent and the player could play it with the mouse. The game became very popular when Wataru uploaded it to the commercial BBS; FGALAM LIB 5 of Nifty-JAPAN.

Adding and expanding the playing rule, some programmers have made many clone games, such as 'TumeGame', 'KomeGame', 'MameGame', 'DebaGame', under the influence of Wataru's SameGame. 'MaciGame' is one of them for Macintosh.

I've add some ideas to make Macigame. Kuniaki, who is the original auther of the game, kindly said 'I am the father of the game and you are mother of the game'.

Thank you.

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