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Last Update 4/2/2005

Infrared Remote softwares


(7/22/2001 Update)

This software, known as "RemoconCon for Palm OS(R)", was awarded the "Ingenious Idea" prize at the Palmware & Goods contest in Japan (1998).

PalmRemote for Palm OS(R)

(Japanese name is RemoconCon for Palm OS(R).)

Palm III/IIIx/V/Vx/m100/m105/m500/m505
IBM WorkPad 8602-30/31/40/50/70
SONY PEG-S300/S500C/N700C/N710C

(12/1/2001 Update)

This software, known as "RemoconCon for WindowsCE", was awarded a Microsoft prize at "Microsoft Windows CE FAN WindowsCE softwares contest in Japan (1999)."

PocketRemote for WindowsCE

(Japanese name is RemoconCon for WindowsCE.)

Intel StrongARM CPU PocketPC 2002
CASSIOPEIA E-2000 / iPAQ H3850 H3870 H3630(PocketPC 2002 Update) H3660(PocketPC 2002 Update)/ jornada 565 568 / PocketGear MC PG5000 / GENIO e550X e550(PocketPC 2002 Update) e550-MD(PocketPC 2002 Update)

not supported XScale CPU

(7/22/2001 Update)

Infrared Remote Home Control software

RemoconCon for Windows95

(not supported Win98/ME/2000/Xp)

(5/22/1999 Update)

Infrared Remote PC Control software

PersoCom-Con for Windows95

(not supported Win98/ME/2000/Xp)


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