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Since 9/25/1999
Last Update7/22/2001

This software, known as "RemoconCon for WindowsCE", was awarded the Microsoft prize at the "Microsoft Windows CE FAN WindowsCE softwares contest in Japan (1999)."

PalmRemote for WindowsCE

(The Japanese name is RemoconCon for WindowsCE.)
Copyright (c) 1999-2001 Hiromu Okada

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This software is designed for MIPS CPU (NEC VR-4000 series,OS2.1x)
and adjusted for optimum performance on a CASIO E-55 (Japanese version of E-15,OS2.11).
If you have CASIO E-100 or other MIPS device(OS2.1x), 
you can adjust the value of the Pulse Length to optimize this software for your device.

To NINO, VELO and UNIDEN users: The CPUs of NINO, VELO and UNIDEN are not NEC-VR4000 series. They are PR31700, so I/O address of IR Port and configuration register values are not same of VR-4000. But this CPU have a TV-Remote hardware function, and don't need software emulation (VR4000 don't have TV-Remote function). It's designed for original consumer remote and software will be maked easily than for VR4000. I want to support it, but I can not get NINO or VELO here in Japan. I'm sorry!
To Casio Pocket PC users: IrDA device of Casio Pocket PC is IrDA1.2. IR power of IrDA1.2 is too weak for consumer remote. The infrared beam has a reach of about 10 mm. I stop developping remote software for Casio Pocket PC. I'm sorry.


PalmRemote (RemoconCon) is the first ever WindowsCE software for MIPS CPU (NEC VR-4000 series) that imitates an infrared remote control using the built-in infrared port. 
PalmRemote features a macro function, which offers easy multiple step operations with just one touch.

System Requirements:

PalmRemote was designed for the CASIO E-15 (OS2.1x).
For use with CASIO E-100/105(OS2.1x), Compaq Presario 213/Aero 2180(OS2.1x), and other devices loading MIPS CPU (NEC VR4000 series), you can adjust the value of the Pulse Length to optimize this software for your device. (See HELP:4-7)

How does PalmRemote Compare to original manufacturer's remotes?

Computer style infrared (IrDA) ports have been designed to reduce interference for more reliable data transfer. 
To achieve this, the infrared beam has been designed to be very narrow (5 degrees). 
This means you will need to aim the IrDA port directly at the target device (TV, VCR, etc). 
The infrared beam has a reach of about 2 meters ( 6.6 feet ) with good battery condition. 
Distance and height are important in making this remote work. 
Vary the height, distance and angle to find what works for your environment.

SONY / Toshiba / NEC / SANYO / Mitsubishi / JVC products is practical range of distance.
Report of range of distance:

記号 SONY products 3m
記号 TOSHIBA products 2.5m
記号 NEC products 2.5m
記号 Mitsubishi products 1-2.5m
記号 JVC products 1.5m
記号 SHARP products 1-1.5m
記号 Panasonic products 0.5-1.0m
記号 SANYO products 2.5m

If you would like to more IR power ( 33 feet ) using the built-in infrared port, See Japanese documentation "How to increase the IR power of Casio PsPC (OS2.1x)".

Please see Help for Installation and for more information.

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Infrared port of CASIO is located left side,
therefore PalmRemote operation screen is rotated 90 degree (landscape mode).

Download PalmRemote for WindowsCE

This software is shareware ($29 U.S.).
The trial period for this software is 14 days.
Please register this software if you wish to continue to use it after this time!

Revision History:

Version 2.2.0
Fixed the bug that learning function caused.

Version 2.1.0
Adjusted PANASONIC remote data.

Version 1.1.0
(beta testing version)
Added English Documentation.
Adjusted SONY remote data.

Version 1.0.0
(beta testing version)
Added learning function.
Added macro function.
Fixed the interference that application launcher hardware buttons caused.
(Stopped support of the application launcher hardware buttons.)
Fixed the bug in redrawing the screen.
Reconsidering the remote emulation method.

Version 0.9.3
(Microsoft / WindowsCE FAN WindowsCE software contest version)
Added a new function: the automatic detection of the CPU.

A few words of thanks:
I thank Mr. Ari-p for his advice on E-500 CPU ability value.
Mr. Ari-p was the first to demonstrate that the IrDA transmitter could become a consumer remote with a MS-DOS application called RUNA (@Nifty IrDA Forum BBS in Japan).
If not for Mr. Ari-p's work, this software and other IrDA remote software which work on other Operating Systems would not be possible.

Version 0.9.0
(Microsoft / WindowsCE FAN WindowsCE software contest version) Converted from the Windows version to WindowsCE version.

How to register:

This software is shareware ($29 U.S.).
The trial period for this software is 14 days.
Please register this software if you wish to continue to use it after this time!
To register PalmRemote please visit the Kagi Online Service Page.

Even if you have already registered PalmRemote (RemoconCon) for other platforms (for example, PalmRemote for Palm OS(R) or RemoconCon for Windows 95), you still need to register this product for use on your WindowsCE device.

After you submit your registration and payment information, a password for PalmRemote version 2.x will be sent to you by e-mail ( subject: Thanks for your payment ).

Please enter your PASSWORD in the " Menu | Help | Shareware Information " Dialog.

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