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  What's RealBasic?

It's rapid development tool that gives us easy interface generation and memory garbage collection, AppleScript usage etc. See details at I don't think it's the best tool for programming (sometimes too confusion between basic and class description, restriction to access tool box functions,etc.) but may be the best tool for programming newbies.

UIComponent Class (Sample Code)

This is a sample code for UIComponent class. This component has basic capabilities to move, resize and so on. It's gonna be a base class for your own components. Anyway, it's under development and no document comes with this. Use your own risk!

Download Latest Version of UIComponent Sample


Serial Terminal (Sample Code)

Don't expect too much!. This is a sample for simple serial terminal.

Download Latest Version of Serial Terminal Sample


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If you have any comment, feel free to e-mail me. I could modify this utility and fix bug(s) as per your request.

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