Apr.04 '99

Information for users of SimaPad Smalltalkers


SimaPad2.0.6 (FreeWare)


DesktopJanitor (Freeware)

RealBasic Room

Dan's Link

Useful link in Gibsons


Mar. 08 '98 Moved to Sunshine.net.
Mar. 13 '99 DesktopJanitor (E) 1.0.2 Released
Mar. 20 '99 DesktopJanitor (J) 1.0.2 Released
   Apr. 04 '99  RealBasic Sample code added.

What's IntelligentPad? Agents sample codesĀ@
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What's SimaPad?

SimaPad2.0.5 is a freeware based on IntelligentPadsystem developed in Tanaka laboratory of Hokkaido University inJapan. About 40 components are available for SimaPad and LiveObjectswill be available in the next version.
This page also contains some sample codes of SmalltalkAgent.

For more information, pleasecontact me directly.