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version 2.5 - 1993.9.19

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* About FanWorks

FanWorks is a tool for generating test patterns for logic circuits by using the FAN algorithm.
It also assist you to edit logic circuits and to conduct logic simulation and fault simulation for logic circuits.

* References

  1. H. Fujiwara and T. Shimono, "On the acceleration of test generation algorithms," IEEE Trans. on Computers, Vol. C-32, No. 12, pp. 1137-1144, Dec. 1983.
  2. H. Fujiwara, Logic Testing and Design for Testability, MIT Press, Sep. 1985. ISBN 0-262-06096-5

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* Characteristics

Though only primitive gates and D flip-flops can be used, you can experience test generation, logic simulation, and fault simulation for logic circuits.

* System Requirement

Macintosh Plus or later.
(MacOS) System version 6 or later.
Mac OS X 10.4.x or older (with MacOS Classic Environment.)

* Distribution

FanWorks is a freeware.

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*TEST PLAZA : a portal site for test researchers

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* homepage.mac.com
FanWorks2.5.cpt.hqx 138.2Kbytes (BinHex 4.0 format)

* hp.vector.co.jp
FanWorks2.5.cpt 101.8Kbytes (CompactPro format)

Copyright 1996, Katsuya Fujiwara.