Icon TetsubinStamp
version 1.5.1 - January 15, 1999

English version - translated by Todo.
French version - translated by Christophe Schmitt.

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TetsubinStamp is a simple utility software which places stamps onto icons. The operation is simple. Just drag an icon onto TetsubinStamp, and choose a stamp. It can be stamped onto everything can stick custom icons such as folders, documents, applications or disks.
TetsubinStamp supports 32-bit-color icons.

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TetsubinStamp requires MacOS 7.5 or later. (or MacOS 7.1.2 with Scriptable Finder).


* 1.5.1 - 15 Jan. 1999
- Fixed bug that makes an "Icon" file visible.

* 1.5 - 15 Jan. 1999
- Supported enhanced Open and Save panels (Navigation Services) that are the new function of MacOS 8.5.
- Supported 32bit color icons.

* 1.2.1 - 14 Nov. 1997
- Added code for bug of MacOS 8.0 Finder. (Finder with MacOS 8.0 has a bug dealing with icons by AppleEvent. It is fixed after MacOS 8.1. -from Technote-1121.)

* 1.2 - 13 Aug. 1997
- Change to enable stamping color stamps onto black and white icons.
- Fixed bug that appearing a folder icon when a custom icon on a disk is deleted.
- Fixed bug that displays invisible files on file dialog.

* 1.1 - 30 May. 1997
- Added 4 sets of adjusting the position. Also can position to drag such as former version.
- Changed to plugin format for reading Japanese resources.
- Fixed bug on the English version that appears to the comments of stamps in Japanese.
- Fixed bug that stamping onto original icons via file-opening dialog when stamping onto alias icons.
- Fixed to disable selecting the desktop at file-opening dialog.
- Theme music is composed.
- Added some more stamp files.

* 1.0 - 13 July 1997
- First public release.


TetsubinStamp is a freeware. You can use this software without any cost. You can distribute this software freely for non-commercial use. However, it is prohibited to make any changes and/or modifications. A permission is required for the distribution of any commercial uses.


You can give a donation to this software. Thanks.


* ENGLISH VERSION - translated by Todo.
* hp.vector.co.jp
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Copyright 1996-1999, Katsuya Fujiwara.