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Helps organizations to accelerate email commnucations on a small budget. - ForwardMail for System Administrators

ForwardMail4 100 account version for SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR

The ForwardMail 100 account version is provided for a small company or organization use. It allows to forward all member's email messages or attached files to their PCs, mobile phones and smartphones. It provides a wealth of settings for header modifications, attachment processing, content conversion and special forwarding mode for use on mobile devices.

The functions included in the ForwardMail 100 account version are the same as the "10/30 account version for personal use". Please refer to it for details.

Increase users on the server PC.

ForwardMail4 can be used on an Windows Server PC. However, please be sure that you need to log on the server as a user and it cannot be executed as a background process.

Download Forwardmail4 100 account version

Download "ForwardMail4 for System Administrators" (ZIP)

Unzip the downloaded file and launch the contained 'exe' file to use.
No installer program is provided for the ForwardMail 100 account version. Uninstalling operation can be completed simply by removing the unzipped folder because ForwardMail uses no system registry.

How to purchase a license key :

Registration Key Delivery Service : "ShareIt!"

ForwardMail is a shareware. The trial version is allowed to forward only 5 emails. If you would like to use the full version, please purchase a license key.

shareit!The on-line registration service is available at "ShareIt" web site. Please access to the following address. Only English language is available for now.

To purchase ForwardMail4 for System Administrator (100 Account Version)