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ForwardMail4 - Email forwarding software

ForwardMail Ver4ForwardMail is an email forwarding software that allows you to forward email messages or attached files from an email account to another. It provides a wealth of settings for header modifications, attachment processing, content conversion and special forwarding mode for use on mobile devices. You can also limit forwarding to specific messages by setting up custom filters based on the sender, subject, header and other message details. The setting interface is so easy, and please try it now!!


ForwardMail4 is an E-mail Forwarding software

ForwardMail is an email forwarding software that allows you to forward email messages from an email account to another.

Mobile Phone Options

The program includes the special forwarding functions to form the email messages for use on mobile devices. You can notice all your incoming emails on your phone by simply forwarding emails to your mobile phone's email address. ( More Info.. )

Various options to process email messages

A variety of useful options, for example, stripping attached files (more info..), filtering by email header information(more info..) and processing email messages for mobile phone(more info..) are supported. Your incoming emails in your mailbox can be left there after forwarding, and you can manage all your emails with your desktop PC at home or office.

Three editions selectable for personal or company use

The most appropriate edition can be selected in accordance with your use case.

* 10 account version : For a basic personal user (10 email forwarding accounts available)
* 30 account version : For an advanced personal user (30 email forwarding accounts available)
*100 account version : For a business organization user (100 email forwarding accounts available)

Uer's manual

This program is so easy to use. Refer to 'Getting Started' when trying for the first time.
The frequently asked questions can be viewed at the FAQ page.


Supports redirected forwarding

* Keeps the header information of incoming emails after forwarding.
* You can reply to the original sender by simply clicking "Reply" button of your email client software.

Multiple forwarding accounts available

* Provided 10/30/100 forwarding account versions.
* Available to forward emails from a mailbox to multiple separate addresses with separate filter settings.
(See details about 'account'...)

Various filtering options

* Filters by email address, email size, subject, time zone, sender's email client, etc
* Strips unnecessary attached files
* Supports various spam blocking filters.

Useful features for mobile phone ( SMS )

* Removes unnecessary letters or strings.
* Divides emails to forward by specified mail size.
* Removes citation lines.
* Converts HTML email to plain TEXT email.

Remote control function

* Suspends or resumes forwarding by sending a special email to the account.
* Sends back the account status report when accepting the command email.

Account management function

* Manages account settings by 'template' option or general 'CSV file'.

Forwarding emails

Host Platform

Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)

Supported email system

(IMAP4 and WEB based email system are NOT supported.)
POP over SSL(POP3S), SMTP over SSL(SMTPS) (*)

(*)This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (

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