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health (健康)

silicon -- シリコンを整形手術で使うのはまずいらしいです

It's well known. If you use it for body modification, you may produce a side effects. It is found out by 'open of information by enterprise lost a suit'.

toner -- copy機等のトナーは肺に悪いらしいです
It's generally black powder used for photocopy, laser printer, etc.
This is wrote Japanese newspaper Chunichi-simbun or Mainichi-shimbun at about 1985 till about 1990, I read.
If I remember rightly, the article said:

A certain servant's job embrace get-photocopy. He proceeded the job, and He had a cough that he cannot shake off in get near-position of photocopy machine. And after, by smell of paper-document that photocopied, too. An examination result is ``a lung disease by toner''. He said in interview by pressperson, ``They called me strange person because I photocopyed with put on mask (*in Japan, it is strange). But I am glad because I got the scientifically proof.''.

The incident may have been resulted in a court trial.

By the way, So far as I know, toner cartridge of parsonal photocopy machine and laser printer were indicated ``close machine's cover in no time put on toner cartridge''.


aluminum, aluminium

メガロシン(抗生物質) 2T
アプレース(止血剤) 1T
クラビット(抗生物質) 3T
トランサミン(止血剤) 2C

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