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between women and men in Japan (under construction, please correct the errors if you find)

At spring till summer 1996 in Japan, the TV-drama ``Long vacation'' # and ``Age,35'' # was broadcasted. ``Long vacation'' is love story of older woman and younger man, and ``Age,35'' is love story too that person that 35 years old (or about 35 years old) --I'm not versed in them.

In Japan, the CULTURE ``love of more older woman and more younger man'' was found out at about 1990 till about 1995 (of course, there are THE love from long long ago) . And accelerated it by ``Long vacation'', it's said by one of the newsmagazines of Japan, too.

The culture ``love of thirty years old range'' was became more popular from about 1990, and it'll especially accelerated by ``Age,35'', too.

The culture ``love between married and not-marriage-partner'' we call ``FURIN'' # was found out at about 1980 till about 1990. Of course we --at least most Japanese-- know THEY shall not do it. And now increase the people do it with the secret.

Before, almost Japanese people lived in poverty in influence of the feudal system. Only about 100 (?) years ago (1896 ?), it's evident we had the culture ``YOBAI''. It means man go to house of women at midnight, and do makelove. One of the writer of magazine ``GON!'' said in his article, ``If her husband knew it, the man need bring SAKE (Japanese liquor) for him and say very-sorry. And he excused by only it.''. ``YOBAI'' is touched by at least ``Hana no Keiji'' the manga's one scene that story of the age of SAMURAI.
We probably had the culture ``(like?-) MATSURI (festival of Japan) in at least village with doing sex'', too. it is not-known by many Japanese people at 1995 and the present age. Known folklorist Kunio Yanagida writes for text book of Japanese language for senior high school student that I used. They are sexed in all. It was a matter of course for them ALL. Because it has no problem at that time (at now, the same thing has meny plobrem). It mentioned one scene of ``Kamui gaiden'' the manga.

And we had the culture ``MABIKI'' # as killing baby of themselves. We don't had money for bring up baby. And they don't had pleasure except sex at the pathetic age. And at that time, many (?) people don't have pregnant-guarder. Naturally --at least for them lived the age-- they killed them baby probably with sad.

Culture love of old people is not found outed in Japan at 1995 (of course, there are THE love from long long ago, too). But it is probably solved by time because we cannot imagine the existance of ``Age,35'' the drama at 1980.

We can find gay in TV easyly in Japan from about 1985. And not-few gay bar was known somehow there are gay like comedienne and gay like comedian, by mainly TV. But in usual, we find gay is difficult, and love of gay is keeping more difficult than at USA at 1995.

#``Long vacation''
This is called ``ron-bake''(ロンバケ) for short.

actress: Tomoko Yamaguchi

She is well known in Japan.
actor: Takuya Kimura
He is well known in Japan, and called ``Kimu-Taku''(キムタク) for short. He is one of the members of ``SMAP'' (sumappu) the singers and idles. He is very handsome.


actress: I don't know. (sorry ;-> )
She is probably well known in Japan.
actor: Kiichi Nakai
He is well known in Japan.

This story may be actresses' and actors'...


不倫. In the case without many-love, or in the case of not-married, we call it ``UWAKI''(浮気). The word ``FURIN'' for only married.


間引き. We usually use this word in the case decrease plants in the area for more grow each plant.

How to MABIKI:

  • Put the wetted HANSHI # on their fase. They cannot breathing.
  • Buried under ground.
  • Went with the flow of river. They might wraped with straws look like NATTO # of old days.

So far as I know, they don't use the edge tools.

半紙. The paper used for SHODO, etc. At that age, the ``paper'' means Hanshi. We call it ``Syuji-gami'', too.

納豆. Sticky food, the material is soybean.
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