by Hisashi Nando

I propose a new theory, which is called the "class theory of evolution".

Darwinism states that evolution is caused by mutation and natural selection, which means that the fittest survive and others perish. The former is the superior and the latter is the inferior. Parents as superiors, would give birth to a superior child.

My theory proposes that evolution is caused by mutation and class intersection, which means that a couple of parents as inferiors could give birth to a superior child. Here you should interpret an inferior as the second best or the third best instead of the worst.

In this world sometimes the union of the second best surpasses the single best existence. Union is different from the sum of singles. This can also be applied to genes. The union of two genes has an effect different from the sum of each gene's effect.

What brings the union of genes? Of course, it is mating. My theory regards sexual reproduction as important. Class intersection needs males and females.

Various class intersections come from various genes. My theory proposes that variety in genes promotes evolution and that natural selection obstructs evolution because natural selection brings uniformity of genes.

My theory also proposes that evolution doesn't mean continuous transition from an old species to a new species but that evolution means the birth of a new species from an old species as a sudden phenomenon.

Darwinism states that mutation occurs little by little over a long term. My theory proposes that class intersection occurs in a dramatically short time and that almost nothing occurs in the term between two evolutions given by class intersection.

Darwinism states that evolution goes on continuously and therefore intermediate species had to exist. My theory proposes that evolution occurs step by step and so intermediate species do not have to exist.

by Hisashi Nando

[ END.]