Fireworks Java Applet V2 - sample2

You need browser equipping Java.

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Click a right button on the applet, and start running fire!

This setting is as follows:

<APPLET CODEBASE="applet" CODE="Happy2003.class" WIDTH="340" HEIGHT="260" ALIGN="middle">
You need browser equipping Java.
<PARAM NAME="IMG" VALUE="sunset.jpg"><!-- background image -->
<PARAM NAME="TEXT" VALUE="300 Shots|Right Click!"><!-- message -->
<PARAM NAME="SIZE" VALUE="20"><!-- font size -->
<PARAM NAME="UMAX" VALUE="300"><!-- the maximum shot number-->
<PARAM NAME="TMAX" VALUE="80"><!-- the number of balls per a shot -->
<PARAM NAME="WAIT" VALUE="8000"><!-- the maximum shot interval -->
<PARAM NAME="CTIME" VALUE="300"><!-- the continuous time of running fire -->
<PARAM NAME="BLUR" VALUE="ON"><!-- gradation on/off -->
<PARAM NAME="GUSH" VALUE="ON"><!-- fountains on/off -->

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