Last Update: January 11, 2004
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About this site

Welcome to WAKU WAKU JAVA! This site distributes Free Java Applets and Java Applications in order to spread Java.
Here is a English translated version of my Japanese pages.

You need browser equipping Java.
This is 3D Ripple Java Applet.

- Informations -
If you cannot watch Java Applets, check your internet setting on your browser.

Internet Explorer Users:
  • click "Tools", then "Internet Options"
  • click "Security", then "Custom Level"
  • under "Scripting of Java Applets", click "Enable"
Netscape Users:
  • click "Edit", then "Preferences"
  • click "Advanced"
  • from the right-hand side of the window, click "Enable JavaScript"
If you cannot watch them still, select either Microsoft or Sun Microsystems to install Java VM.

- Recommended Environment -
Monitor: Super VGA (800 x 600) or over
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or over
String size: middle

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