Installations of Microsoft Java Virtual Machine(msjavx86.exe) or its Restorations

Java Applets and Java Applications are created with Programing Language "Java". Although Java requires Virtual Machine(VM), Windows XP does not include it. Thus I redistribute Microsoft VM(msjavx86.exe). I have the right to do because I distribute programs created with Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0. So you can formally download it on this page.

Installation of Microsoft Virtual Machine
1. Click the following link to download Microsoft VM(msjavx86.exe).
Microsoft VM build 3802 for Windows XP/2000/95/98/Me/NT4.0

2. Execute msjavx86.exe file on your computer.

3. Install VM following the installation and reboot.

4. Update your VM on Windows Update because this is not a latest program. Select such a program as "Microsoft virtual machine (Microsoft VM)".

5. On Amusing Java Applets, check work rights.

sample program with VJ++ 6.0(Japanese)

Restorations of Microsoft Virtual Machine

Sometimes Microsoft VM crashes. Under such conditions you cannot reinstall it. So you need uninstall and install to restore.
Restorations of Microsoft Virtual Machine
1. Select Start ->" Run(R)..." and type the following command.
RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection java.inf,UnInstall

2. Click OK and reboot.

3. Go to "Installation of Microsoft Virtual Machine" on this page.

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