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Name Content Recipie
Password generator The randomized string generator to use for the password.  
Java or C++ Which faster allocation performance, Java or C++?  
Protocols note My note for Internet Protocols. Not Available.
GnuPG GnuPG commands. Not Available.
Junk tools for glibc. The tool shows the version of GNU C Library. glibc-version.tar.gz
Red Fire. Red fire image Java Applet demo. fire.zip
Blue Fire. Blue fire image Java Applet demo.
Obsolete documents
Name Content Recipie
Kinput2-FreeWnn patch Patch for kinput2-v3.1-beta4 using FreeWnn-1.1.1-a018. Not Available.
Sendmail patch Patch for sendmail 8.11.6 to build by GCC.
Now you don't need patch, you must use version 3.0.3 or later.
PC hardware. Tips of low level PC hardware. Not Available.

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