How to come to Japan


Hello everyone, I'm one of the Japanese.
I heard from someone that you want to come to Japan.
Why do you want to come? To watch Japanese anime? To be an otaku? (Oh, sorry. you are already an otaku :-P ) Or to study Japanese?
If you can understand Japanese, You shouldn't no longer endure watch the new anime, TV games, or Manga till translate your mother language. You can watch the Dragon Ball Z real-time. Congratulations! How happy you are! You are Lackey-Person.
Anyway, I must advise you till your teacher will start Japanese lessons.

1, Don't come to Japan.
Hello, Kitty. Do you want to come to Japan? Oops! You shouldn't answer my question. I know you want to come, already. Japan is like the heaven of anime. The big anime and manga festival called "Comic Market (We also call Co-me-ch-ee)" is very famous.  This festival call over 400,000 visitors at once time....


You must climb the Statue of Liberty and dive into the Hudson River shouting "KAIO-KEN".
However will you come to Japan? You know Japanese is very small. Accordingly, Japanese airplane is very small. You can't ride Japanese airplane. The only way to come to Japan is using "bukujutsu". It is the supernatural power to fly in the sky. All Japanese can do "bukujutsu".
I suppose you will come to Japan in due case. The next trial is you are too tall for Japanese. Almost all Japanese confuse you with giraffe. Yes, you are too tall. I suppose you will able to show that you are human, the next trial lurk very near. The price at Japan is verrrrrry high. The Japanese katana (one kind of swords) 's cost  is 1,000 dollars. It is necessary to live in Japan to save your life from Space-Japanese-Alien-Gangs. Oops, I remember it. You must change your hair style to chon mage. <- this is traditional Japanese hair style called "chon mage". This hair style is bound you in law.

Don't tell me the grammar error which found you.