How to install LED lights to Mini-Z

Some members among us have LED-decorated Mini-Z. Microprocessor PIC12C509 is also eqipped to enable blinking the headlights and stoplights. PIC is programmable IC from Microchip Technology Inc., is very useful to make original circuits.

Notice : Bypass condenser (0.1uF) must be added between +4.8V and GND near 12C509.

回路表 Red & black wires are +4.8V, GND respectively. Output wires are to connector.

回路裏 Back side of the board

回路電源A power supply from the chassis. P1 is GND、P4 is +4.8V.
Caution !! : A guarantee will be invalid if you do some modification on chassis like this.

配線ヘッド 配線リア
Circuits on body side. Head lights are white, rear is red leds. I hope less expensive white LEDs....(ca.4$ now)

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