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Racing at a Conference Room.....
Have Fun with R/C on Weekday !
by Kawanishi from Shizuoka, Japan.

Our recommendation is Mini-Z racer from KYOSHO
Since 7 Sep 2000
Updated 25 Oct 2000

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R/C Easy-Going!!

Hi, this webpage is for R/C freaks "at work". I'm racing every weekday on lunch breaks at conference room with my colleagues. Kyosho Mini-Z racer is small-scaled(1/24) radio control car with many benefits for such purpose. This chassis is small enough to race in a room, though it has standard mechanisms (suspension, differential gear, etc.) same as that of 1/10 chassis. Exactly, on the operating manual for Mini-Z, there is a description "Caution. This is not a TOY. "(Japanese version) :-)