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  MultiPar can be downloaded from Vector's official download page which is written in Japanese. Please goto the page and click a green button to download either version. When your download won't start automatically at the next downloading page, click a ftp link to start manually. If you cannot get from there, you may try other links below.

Where to click on download page

Where to click on downloading page

 Soft name: MultiPar
File:MultiPar124.zip  /  685,518 Bytes  /  2014 Mar. 16
Installer version
File:MultiPar124_setup.exe  /  1,003,211 Bytes  /  2013 Mar. 16

Samples are available to test new feature, check problem, or confirm fixed point.

 Soft name:MultiPar beta  New
File:MultiPar1252.zip  /  588,537 Bytes  /  2014 Apr. 24
Installer version
File:MultiPar1252_setup.exe  /  937,987 Bytes  /  2014 Apr. 24

  Other versions and source code are available from archive page.

MultiPar was prized in the final vote of 2012's popularity contest over Vector

  There was a popularity contest over Vector, which selects the best and prize for each section from weekly/monthly ranking top 100 softwares in 2012. MultiPar was selected in System & Hardware section. I appreciate many users' help, and proud that my development is supported. I will try to improve MultiPar to become more major and common tool.

External link

MultiPar forum A user made a forum for MultiPar. It's a public space of users to discuss and report bug.
European mirror A user made an unofficial mirror download site for European users.


How to install MultiParThese come from the latest help in MultiPar package2013 May 30
Japanese install manual
PAR 1.0 SpecificationsJapanese translation2009 Nov. 17
PAR 2.0 SpecificationsJapanese translation2009 Jan. 03

Present for users

  There are some presents to users in Japan. Read this page to get present !


  While MultiPar is available as freeware, I spent a lot of time and effort to develop. Your donation will encourage me to continue my efforts to improve and support MultiPar. I made PayPal account, and you can donate below;

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