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GNU Privacy Guard Plug-in for Becky! 2

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BkGnuPG is the plug-in software to be used with Becky! Internet Mail Ver. 2 (B2). By using GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) you can sign or encrypt your e-mail message. Also it can verify or decrypt incoming e-mail that was encrypted or signed by Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) or GnuPG.

There is a Becky PGP plug-in (BkPGP) that comes with B2, but almost everything you can do through PGP can be done by GnuPG, and GnuPG supports functions not yet supported by PGP.

BkGnuPG is free software. For further information about the copyright of BkGnuPG, please refer to BkGnuPG\readme_en.txt that comes in the BkGnuPG zip file.

First of all, please download the latest version from the following link.

Full package set (DLL, Readme, Source code, Manual) Version 1.0.5b2 (beta version)
> gpg --print-md SHA1 8C6D 499B 89F5 9564 CEC5  55E8 9CB7 28EB 6C89 D3A6
> gpg --print-md SHA1 711F F571 DB1F FC9F B430  2EC4 E511 8D73 DC7A 65DC
Install package set (Installer, DLL, Readme) Version 1.0.5b2 (beta version)
> gpg --print-md SHA1 BkGnuPG-1.0.5b2.exe
BkGnuPG-1.0.5b2.exe: ADE5 6315 94EB AD0C B296  67D1 590E 8E7C 4ED3 E61C
> gpg --print-md sha1 BkGnuPG-1.0.5b2.exe.sig
BkGnuPG-1.0.5b2.exe.sig: 4432 1B91 E453 DBBE 262C  817E BD37 583B 8255 DEE6
Full package set (DLL, Readme, Source code, Manual) Version 1.0.4
> gpg --print-md SHA1 FCEA E2D9 6DE3 0EF3 7383  FBE0 8BC9 6E83 309D 4A5B
> gpg --print-md SHA1 EFEC BA26 3DEB 5E45 6003  0BA7 96D5 6D6B 960F 43D3
Install package set (Installer, DLL, Readme) Version 1.0.4
> gpg --print-md SHA1 BkGnuPG-1.0.4.exe
BkGnuPG-1.0.4.exe: FFE8 25FF B78B 0CB5 CDA8  5363 05C6 CE9A FE85 BE16
> gpg --print-md sha1 BkGnuPG-1.0.4.exe.sig
BkGnuPG-1.0.4.exe.sig: 3684 908D 3420 0A2A F2C3  8E7D 4E18 BA46 DD68 B49A
(previous version)

BkGnuPGxxx.sig is a signature file. Please verify with GnuPG only. (When you verify with PGP it fails)

My public-key for digital sign is renewal. Please get the new pulic-key from the following link.

pub  2048R/76F72BE7 2003-01-04 Yasuhiro ARAKAWA (sig only) <>
     Key fingerprint = 3DBE 60E2 5C36 805F 1C26  A6A1 1B1B 373B 76F7 2BE7


Although BkGnuPG manual comes in the BkGnuPG zip file too, This page is the latest more.


Please contact The author of the plug-in at the following e-mail address:

Although I am not able to respond to all requests, I shall do my best, but as English is not might first language, there may be some delay. Please forgive me in advance.

Special thanks

I thank for many advice from Graham about this page.

I thank for many advice from hex and Canalian about verion 1.0.4.

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