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  Newly arrived information

  • 07/5/2009 KANJI V1.3UPDATED
  • 08/19/2003 Dump32 V1.0
  • 11/12/2002 Dell X200 bought
  • 10/06/2002 turbolinux on Fiva103
  • 09/28/2002 MapDrive 1.0, newly bought 
  • 09/10/2002 Dell X200, newly bought
  • 03/16/2002 Loox, newly bought 
  • 12/05/2001 Fiva103, newly bought
  • 10/07/2001 newly bought 
  • 06/27/2001 Fiva103+Win2K
  • 06/21/2001 SetPRT V1.3
  • 05/28/2001 URLlib V1.0.4  
The trail of beast


Notes PC ever used

  Career of notebook-sized personal computer which has used it up to now(newer order)
Free Software

  Free software which 'TENCHAN' made

 Windows products
 +-Dump32 - Dump a file 
 +-MapDrive - Map a Drive Letter to the Device
 +-ListModules -
Browse active DLL/EXE
 +-URLlib - Bookmark management
 +-KANJI - Chinese character zoomUPDATED
 +-ResMon2K -
Tray residing resource/CPU meter 
 +-SetPrt -
Change printer setup DLL

 DOS products

 PDA products

 Linux products

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