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ForwardMail FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)


Q: Can I use the new V5 with my license key for V4 or earlier?

No, you can't. To use the new V5, you need to purchase a new license for V5.

License key for V5: Starts with 'NV'.
License key for V4: Starts with 'FM'.
License key for V3 or earlier: Starts with other characters.

Q: Can I purchase an upgrade license from lower to upper version?

No, you can't. The upgrade license is not offered. You need to purchase a new license for upper version.

Q: Can I exchange English version to Japanese version?

No. The license exchange service is not offered. In addition, you cannot exchange Japanese version to English version.

Q: Can I purchase an upgrade license from the 10 account version to the 30 or 100 account version?

No, you can't. We don't provide such an upgrade license.

Q: How about the user support for the obsolete versions?

In accordance with the license agreement, any update for the obsolete versions will not be provided. And, a new license for the obsolete versions cannot be purchased. See the license agreement for details.

Host PC / Environment

Q: Is it necessary to keep ForwardMail running while forwarding emails?

Yes. To forward emails, you need to log on Windows and keep ForwardMail launching. ForwardMail will check mailboxes at regular intervals, and when new emails arrive to mailbox, ForwardMail will forward them. That process is just like general email client software like Outlook. If you want to hide the forwarding records logged on the screen, you can use the option 'Put into tasktray'.

Q: Is it possible to launch multiple forward programs on the same PC?

No. Multiple ForwardMail programs cannot be launched on the same PC. If you would like to use more accounts that exceeds the limitation, you need to purchase another license usable of more accounts ( 30 account version or 100 account version).

WEB Based Email

Q: Is it compatible with WEB based email server?

No. ForwardMail supports only POP3 email system but WEB based HTTP email system. However, some free-mail services like YAHOO provide the additional POP access option.

Forwarding Errors / Filters

Q. The start-up requires time and the main window does not appear for long time.

ForwardMail obtains the latest version information by accessing to the HTTP server. If the server does not respond, the start-up requires time. In case of that, keep pressing SHIFT-key when launching ForwardMail. If it would be done once, the option "Update Info./Startup Graphics" will be disabled.

Q: Any incoming email cannot be forwarded and the forwarding log does not appear.

This problem may cause if ForwardMail and your email client software like Outlook Express are executed concurrently. That is because your email client software downloads and deletes the incoming email before ForwardMail checks the mailbox.

To avoid this problem, you need to set the email client software to leave the message for a certain period. In case of Outlook Express, you can find the setting by selecting your current email account setting: Tools menu -> Accounts... -> Mail tab -> Advanced -> Delivery.
Check 'Leave a copy of message on server' and 'Remove from server after [1] day'.

Q: Is there any limitations for destination address(Forward To:) setting?

Yes. The specification of 'Forward To:' address setting is like followings.

* Up to 100 destinations. And maximum total number of address characters is 4095 characters.

Q. The SMTP Server error '501 5.0.0 Invalid domain name' occurs when forwarding an email

The error may occur if the Windows log-in name includes any 2 byte code such as Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters. The issue will be fixed if the Windows log-in name is modified to be free of 2 byte code.

Q: The POP server error message(-ERR invalid user/password, etc)appears when starting up ForwardMail. But it works fine after that. How can I hide the error message?

Please try the option 'Delay POP/SMTP Authentication' in 'Account' tab. It is recommended to set it to around 10 sec. This error is depending on the provider's server settings and the continuous connection in short interval is denied. For example, Yahoo's POP service refuses continuous connection in several seconds.

Q: The SMTP error message 'Cannot connect to SMTP server' sometimes appears on history sometimes. Has that email been forwarded successfully?

If STMP error would occur while sending, that email will processed at the next time except for cases of permanent error.

Q: The icon, which shows that the mail has been forwarded successfully, appears on the logging window, but the mail cannot be delivered to the destination address actually. (It looks that the mails have been forwarded to the wrong account.)

A: This trouble is due to the case that your SMTP server rejects the relay operation. ForwardMail keeps the original sender's address and forwards it as it is. Your SMTP server may require the same domain address as the sender and may reject the different domain address. When a SMTP server rejects the relay operation, usually the server will return an error mail to the sender. If the mail goes through multiple SMTP servers or gateways, that error mail may not return.

The way to have your mails go through your SMTP server:
1) Try the option "Put my address into 'Resent-From and put destination into 'Recent-To:' ". You can find this option at "Preferences / Options / Advances options". This option may not be effective depending on the settings of SMTP server. This option is checked by default.
2) If 1) is not effective, try another option "Put my address into 'From:' header" . Your own name will appear on the receiver's mail list, but the original sender's address is kept in the 'Reply-To' header and the receiver can reply by simply pressing the reply button. See the help page for details: "Avoid the SMTP relay operation error"

Q: I want to forward incoming mails to my mobile phone. But when receiving with my mobile phone, all of the forwarded mails have my own address as the sender and I can't see the original sender of the incoming mails. How can I fix this problem?

A: Check the option "Put the original sender's address(From:) into 'MAIL FROM:' command". You can find it at "Preference -> Options -> Special header operations". If using this option, the sender's address in the 'From:' header field will be used for 'MAIL FROM:' command when connecting to SMTP server. Be sure that this option may cause another SMTP relay operation error depending on your SMPT server settings.

Q: All emails are filtered and no email can be forwarded. How can I fix it?

Please confirm the 'Filtering Mode' in 'Filter-1' tab. If you choose mode b) and you have entered no filtering condition, all emails will be filtered. If you don't want to set any filtering condition, choose mode a).

Q: I'm trying ForwardMail trial version. How can I use the option 'Connect to server immediately' ?

For the trial version, this option is not available.

Q: I cannot understand the combination of filtering process at the "Filters" and "Antispam / Exception" tabs.

Please see "Configuration of all filter functions" of uers's manual.


Q. I forgot my password and the program cannot be launched. How can I solve it?

To launch the program, you have to remove the preference file. The settings will be removed and have to be set again.
<File Name>
10 account version : fwdm4_std10.prf
30 account version : fwdm4_sp030.prf
100 account version : fwdm4_sp100.prf

<File Location>
Windows XP -> c:\Windows
Windows 7 or later -> C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows

Q: How can I back up the account settings?

Use the function 'Backup all settings to a file' from 'Account Management' of 'Options' menu.

Q: How can I move the account settings to another PC?

ForwardMail creates preference files like followings. These files are created in the Windows folder. You can take over the settings by moving these preference files.

1) Preference settings: fwdm4_std10.prf (fwdm4_sp030.prf for 30 account version)
2) Preferences for LOG VIEWER: fwdview.prf
3) Forwarding history file: fwdmail_.log
4) Email ID file: fwdm4uidl_std10.mbx ( fwdm4uidl_sp030.mbx for 30 account version)

NOTE: The 'Windows' directory will be "C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows" for Windows 7 or later.