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MultiMax : Multiband Audio Limiter

Do you know how broadcasters get that tight and loud on air sound?

FM Radio DJHave you ever noticed that the sound on the FM radio has more PUNCH than the original CD recording? That's because FM stations spend a lot of money on audio processors to get that competitive sound for maximum loudness. Stations use compressors and peak limiters to tailor the sound to get the most punch from small radio speakers or headphones. Some stations use audio processors to smooth out the levels of the music to make it easier to listen for a longer period of time.

"MultiMax" can be used to create a wide variety of processing that can make the music smoother or more punchy, depending on what you would like it to do. MultiMax can take your music WAV files and process them to get a gentle AGC action that will adjust the overall loudness of each file or you can get very aggressive, and make the file sound like it is coming from an over the air source and push it for maximum loudness and punch.

Engineers will recognize that MultiMax uses the same signal flow as some of the processors costing thousands of dollars. Using the power of your computers CPU, MultiMax delivers virtually the same performance level without the expensive firmware.

MultiMax Overview

MultiMac Signal Flow

Creates smoother sound by optimizing sound level with Multiband Audio Limiter

Confortable ListeningMultiMax is a multiband audio limiter/compressor which can create smooth and punchy sound from WAV files extracted from music CDs. It divides the sound frequency range to 6 bands, optimizes the sound dynamic range separately and always keeps its level "maximum" without losing its music quality.

Perfect Tool for creating MP3 files of portable player

Portable AudioYou have already had a MP3 player with hard drive or flash memory device, haven't you? Are you creating your own mp3 libraries which contains the various music categories? This software "MultiMax" uniforms the dynamic range or equalization and creates smooth and punchy sound for every music. And in case you have a lot of music recordings from analog sources that dates back to the 60's or 70's, you can reprocess that audio to get a cleaner and more modern sound that will be more compatible with current recordings.

"ON AIR MODE" can be used as a broadcast pre-processor

Radio DJThe latest version has the "ON AIR MODE". It can process the analog audio signal fed to a sound interface card and it can output the optimized audio signal through the same interface card. MultiMax can be used as a broadcast pre-processor to punch up a signal before it goes to the final limiter in an air chain.

Download and purchase

The MULTIMAX3 setup progam can be downloaded from the following page. The license key purchasing information also can be viewed.

Download and Purchase

Host OS

Windows 8/8.1/10/11 (32bit/64bit)

User's Manual

MultiMax User's Manual (HTML)

To process MP3 files...

MULTIMAX supports only WAV format for audio files. If you wish to process MP3 format sound files, please try the other program FabulousMP3 which has the same audio compression engine as MULTIMAX3.


Update Information

V3.32 - Fixed the issue that the correct license key may not be registered.
V3.31 - The icons has been added to the menus.
V3.30 - The issue that the license and user preset information may not be saved correctly has been fixed.
V3.28 - The issue that the correct normalize level may be not obtained has been fixed.
V3.27 - The window size control has been modified to be changeable to fit the windows appearance.
V3.24 - The signal process has been optimized and the performance has been improved by about 30%.
v3.20 - Improved the adjustment 'Bass Attack Time' to get more punch to edge of kick drum.
v3.17 - Added: The option "Start ON-AIR MODE automatically when booting up" has been added.
v3.16 - Added: Capable to register up to 400 songs to the playlist.
v3.15 - Fixed the minor bug regarding WAVE file format
v3.14 - Added the new preset "FM - Smooth Listening"
v3.13 - Added the stereo enhancing options
v3.12 - Added the release time parameter for 2-band AGC.