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ForwardMail Update Information

Version 5

V5.20 : (Nov 05, 2023) Bug fixed: Fixed an issue where the body of the HTML file would be displayed in the email body when forwarding an email with one HTML file attached.
V5.19 : (Oct 15, 2022) Bug fixed: Fixed the issue that the correct license key may not be registered.
V5.18 : (May 22, 2022) Added : Added an option in the "Antispam / Special" tab to add sender information to the subject
V5.17 : (April 10. 2022) Added : The account selection function has been added to the Log Viewer program (FwdView.exe).
V5.16 : (April 06, 2022) Improved the processing speed when receiving / sending larger emails such as with files larger than 10MB attached.
V5.15 : (March 23, 2022) Improved : The scrolling function for the pop/smtp server name input boxes has been added.
V5.14 : (March 20, 2022) Bug Fixed: The issue that the Log Viewer app may not read the history log file has been fixed.
V5.13 : (April 13, 2021) Added: The 'vertival screen split' mode has been added.
V5.12 : (Dec 17, 2020) Bug Fixed: The issue that some multi-byte characters including Japanese were garbled in the subject and sender's name has been fixed.
V5.11 : (Dec 15, 2020) Added: The 'Mark all accounts as forwarded' option has been added in the 'Main' menu which can be used to prevent from forwarding unnecessary remaining emails in the mailboxes when using ForwadMail for the first time or adding a new forwarding account setting.
V5.10 : (Aug 23, 2020) Added : The function to replace From: address with your (specified for the maixbox) address depending on the sender of original email has been addded.
V5.09 : (April 19, 2020) Improved : The function to suspend forwarding and send a notification email when the number of emails in mailbox exceeds the limit has been added.
V5.08 : (Aug 30, 2019) Bug Fixed: The issue that the message body will be removed if the Content-type header of a non-MIME email includes an invalid 'boundary' string has been fixed.
V5.07 : (Apr 14, 2019) Bug Fixed : The issue that the filter item addtion function at the dialog displayed by clicking right-button on the log window does not work has been fixed.
V5.06 : (Jan 11, 2019) Improved : The icons have been added to the pull-down menus.
V5.05 : (Jan 05, 2019) Improved : The header 'Resent-Message-ID' became creatable automatically. And the options in the 'Advanced Options' tab has been categolized.
V5.04 : (Nov 12, 2018) Improved : The UDIL comparison process speed has been improved. Especially if many emails are stored in a mailbox, the forwarding process time will be shortened drastically.
V5.03 : (Oct 06, 2018) Added : The 'User-Agent:' header became selectable in addtion to the exsisting 'X-Mailer:' header for the client email software name filtering feature.
V5.02 : (Oct 01, 2018) Added : The filter setting screen has been improved. And, the ANDing function has been added to From, To, Cc, Subject filter settings.
V5.01 : (Aug 05, 2018) Bug Fixed: The issue that the subject filter may not work fine if the subject is encoded by utf-8 or utf-7 has been fixed.
V5.00 : (June 10, 2018) Added : Added the account list view to the main window.

Version 4

V4.84 : Bug Fixed : Minor bugs fixed.
V4.83 : Added : The SSL-type selection option has been removed. The openssl library inplemented to ForwardMail has been updated to version 1.1.0.
V4.82 : Added : The SSL-type selection option has been added. The 'Auto' option is compatible to the previous versions.
V4.81 : Bug Fixed : The issue that the startup graphics and update information may be not downloaded has been fixed. In additiom, the issue that UTF-8 emails converted using the HTML to Plain-Text conversion function may be not displayed correctly with an iPhone/iPad has been fixed.
V4.80 : Added : The COPY button that can be used to copy the filter words to PC's clipboard has been added.
V4.79 : Added : The UTF-8(Base64) format has been supported for the HTML to Plain-Text conversion function at the 'Email Processing' tab. The option switch is added to the 'Advanced Options' tab.
V4.78 : Bug fixed : The issue, that the program may abort due to the short memory when an html email encoded by quoted-printable format is processed, has been fixed.
V4.77 : Bug fixed : The issue that the radio buttons in the mail processing tab would not work fine has been fixed.
V4.76 : Added : The mail processing option 'Extract information included in TITLE and ALT properties' has been added.
V4.75 : Added : The option 'Remove original subject' in the prefix option has been added.
V4.74 : Added : The option that restricts sending References: header has been added.
V4.73 : Improved : The processing speed when the "Mark all forwarded next time" option works has been improved.
V4.72 : Added : The email service provider automatic setting feature has been added.
V4.71 : Bug Fixed : The issue that the stripping attached file feature by email size may not work correctly has been fixed.
V4.70 : Improved: Changed the setting tab configuration. The previous 'Size/Advanced' settings have been divided to two new setting tabs.
V4.63 : Changed : Changed the development environment and fixed minor bugs.
V4.62 : Improved : Subjects that include multiple and different character codes have been supported. The developer option has been added.
V4.61 : Bug Fixed : The issue has been fixed : When emails that contain some attachment files and no message would be forwarded, the stripped file information may not be included in the message.
V4.60 : Added : The 'Mark all emails unread' option has been added.
V4.55 : Added, Bug Fixed : The advanced option 'Replace device dependent kanji (only for Japanese)' has been added. In addition, fixed a minor issue, when using the 'UTF-8' conversion option for mobile phone and disabling the 'Subject as well' option, the email 'charset' header may be incorrect.
V4.54 : Added : The ForwardMail icon in the tasktray will be re-registered when restarting the 'explorer.exe' process.
V4.53 : Added : The option "Extract URL" option for HTML conversion has been added. In addition, the 'UTF-8' conversion option for mobile phone has been added.
V4.52 : Added : The option "Don't insert CRCF automatically" has been added.
V4.51 : Added : The option "Don't forward remaining emails at next time (Auto-reset)" has been added.
V4.50 : Bug Fixed : Fixed a minor issue regarding Japanese character. Fixed an issue where the app may abort if the header information has any 'ANSI_X3.4-1968' character set.
V4.49 : Bug Fixed : The account template copying function bug has been fixed.
V4.48 : Added : The 'Strip partial email message' option has been added.
V4.47 : Added : The option 'Always convert HTML mails to plain text' has been added.
V4.46 : Added : The option 'Add Errors-To header including my address' has been added.
V4.45 : Bug Fixed : The timeout function has been added to the HTTP access to obtain the latest version information when launching the program.
V4.44 : Bug Fixed : The short-memory bug, that occurs when converting from an UTF-8 HTML mail to a plain text mail, has been fixed.
V4.43 : Bug Fixed : The out-of-memory bug that occurs when the maximum number of emails in mailbox would be set more than 8192 has been fixed.
V4.42 : Added : The option to forward read receipt notification emails has been added.
V4.41 : Added : The option "Check character set (charset) in subject additionally" of the character set filter has been added.
V4.40 : Bug Fixed : The bug that the timeout error may occur when using SSL has been fixed. / Added: The update information feature has been added.
V4.39 : Bug Fixed : The minor bug of receiving buffer process has been fixed.
V4.38 : Added : The search string function has been added to the Log Viewer(fwdview.exe).
V4.37 : Added : The automatic startup time setting has been added.
V4.36 : The command receiving buffer length has been changed for stable communication.
V4.35 : Bug Fixed : When forwarding an HTML/UTF-8/Quoted-Printable format email using cel-phone option, the converted text may be garbled sometimes.
V4.34 : Minor Bug Fix
V4.33 : Added: The advanced option "Strip message field" has been added. See the help manual for details.
V4.32 : Bug Fixed : The filter box character counters display wrong number.
V4.31 : Bug Fixed : A special structure MIME email, which has multiple 'boundary' key words and these key words are not enclosed by double-quotation, cannot be forwarded correctly.
V4.30 : Added : The option "Don't copy the template settings in the 'Account' tab" has been added.
V4.29 : Bug Fixed : A minor memory leak bug has been fixed.
V4.27 : Bug Fixed : When using the option 'When starting, don't forward remaining mails in the mailbox', the email ID list cannot be obtained completely, and some emails may be forwarded twice.
V4.26 : Bug Fixed : A minor bug, that the quoted-printable encoded MIME email cannot be decoded correctly, has been fixed.
V4.25 : Added : The sender filter address insert option has been added. (You can use this new option by clicking the right mouse button on a history log in the main window.)
V4.23-4.24 : Bug Fixed : The bug, that the non-MIME base64-encoded UTF-8 HTML email message cannot be forwarded to mobile phones correctly, has been fixed. And the install programs for the 10/30 account version have been changed to the Windows installer format (msi file).
V4.22 : Bug Fixed : The memory leak bug, that occurred when using SSL function for POP, has been fixed.
V4.20 : Bug Fixed : The emails which have over 40 headers cannot be forwarded.
V4.19 : Added : The option "Don't count LF" for mobile phone has been added.
V4.18 : Added : The additional address information stripping option has been added.
V4.17 : Bug Fixed: The memory leak may occur when using SSL option.
V4.16 : Added & Bug Fixed: The SSL option has been added to the separate SMTP server mode. The bug, that the email would not be forwarded when an SMTP error occurs , has been fixed.
V4.15 : Added: The POP over SSL and SMTP over SSL have been supported. From this version, the dll files, libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll, msvcr71.dll are required to launch ForwardMail. These files are included in the install package. The copyright of these files is described in the license agreement.
V4.13 : Added: The function to display the info of forwarding log has been added.
V4.12 : Bug Fixed : The subject cannot be decoded correctly when multiple character sets are mixed. ( The lotus notes mail may create the multiple character sets subject encoded.
V4.11 : Bug Fixed : V4.09/V4.10 cannot start up on Windows 2000.
V4.10 : Bug Fixed : V4.09 has the bug that the address information cannot be decoded correctly sometimes.
V4.09 : The design of the application icons and buttons has been updated.
V4.08 : The advanced option "Forward only MIME emails (with attached files)" has been added.
V4.06 : Bug Fixed : When using the option "Don't strip attached files with following extension" and specifying 'txt' to it, some text files cannot be forwarded.
v4.05 : Bug Fixed : When using the mobile phone forwarding option, the mail body cannot be forwarded correctly if the new option added for v4.04 is disabled.
v4.04 : Added : The option to cut the continuous letters for mobile phone has been enhanced.
v4.02 : Added : The option to automatically scroll the log list view has been added.
v4.01 : Added : The option to specify the filtering exception sender's address has been added.
v4.00 : New version released: 'Spam Eraser' mode has been added.

Version 3

v3.99 : Bug fixed: In case of UTF-8 email encoded by base64, some email could not be decoded correctly.
v3.98 : Bug fixed : When an email with digital certification would forwarded with the attached file stripping mode, the header information was corrupted.
v3.97 : Added : The option "Apportion incoming emails to each destination" has been added.
v3.95 : Bug fixed : In case that multiple addresses are set to the destination address box, the emails cannot be forwarded to the last destination address. This bug will come up only for v3.94.
v3.94 : Added : The information boxes for the filter settings have been added. ( "Items: **, Length: **" )
v3.93 : Added : The account management functions with CSV file have been added.
v3.92 : Bug fixed: The 'General' setting tab in the template has been hidden.
v3.92 : Added : The account management options ( template, csv file input/output ) have been added.
v3.91 : Added : The "Remove specified letters or lines" of mobile phone has been updated.
v3.90 : Improved: The download speed of non-blocking mode has been improved.
v3.89 : Added : The new option "Send Disposition-Notification-To: header" has been added.
v3.88 : Added : The new option for SMTP 550 error has been added.
v3.87 : Added : The mobile phone option to count the dividing bytes has been enhanced.
v3.86 : Bug fixed : The Option 'Filter the emails which arrive...' of 'Schedule' setting did not work.
v3.85 : Added : The 'AND' condition setting has been added to the filtering mode.
v3.84 : Added : The feature for forwarding UTF-8/UTF-7 emails to mobile phone has been added.
v3.83 : Bug fixed: The UTF-8 or UTF-7 emails cannot be filtered when using the mobile phone option.
v3.82 : Added : Some special features for SMS has been added.
v3.81 : Bug fixed : In case of forwarding multiple emails at a time, if SMTP error would occur at the first connection, the remaining emails would never be forwarded.
v3.80 : Bug fixed : There was a memory leak bug when connecting to mail server.
v3.79 : Bug fixed : There was a case that this app would be forced to quit when receiving a email which has no Message-ID header.
v3.77 : Bug fixed: There was a case that the same email had been forwarded again.
v3.77 : Added: The option "Remote control" has been added.
v3.76 : Added: The spam filtering options have been added.
v3.75 : Bug fixed: When converting html email to plain text, unnecessary TABs were remained.
v3.74 : Added : The option "Delay POP connection for [ ] sec" has been added.
v3.73 : Bug fixed: Some minor bugs fixed.
v3.72 : Added: Supports "&#nn;" format for conversion function from html email to plain text.
v3.71 : Added : The option "Send all of X-** headers" has been added.
v3.69 : Revised: The email number has been hidden when "1" is specified to the mail division number for mobile phone option.
v3.69 : Added: The option "Put my address into Sender:" has been added.
v3.68 : Added: The option "Restrict retrieving emails" has been added.
v3.67 : Added: The option to filter the emails sent from your own address.
v3.66 : Added: The option "Prefix to subject" has been added.
v3.65 : Added: The option "Don't strip attached files with specified extension string" has been added.
v3.64 : Bug fixed: The connection process could not close the session when there is no email in the mailbox.
v3.63 : Revised: In case that a communication error occurs while retrieving multiple emails, just the emails which could be received successfully will be forwarded at that time.
v3.62 : Added: The option to save the temporary files in the current folder is added.
v3.60 : Other: Supported Korean language mail charset header(ks_c_5601-1987). Changed the temporary file extension form '.eml' to '.fmd'.
v3.59 : Added: The option for using a separate SMTP server from POP has been added.
v3.58 : Other: A minor update for Japanese version.
v3.57 : Added: The pull-down boxes for setting POP/SMTP server name have been added.
v3.56 : Bug fixed: When using the option "Delete incoming mails just after forwarding", there is a rare case that some mails remains in the mailbox and they are not forwarded.
v3.55 : Bug fixed: There was a rare case that ForwardMail locks when receiving message data.
v3.54 : Added: The option "Send 'Received:' headers of original mail" is added.
v3.53 : Other: The number of available destination addresses has been added to 100 only for 100 version( ForwardMail for System Administrators).
v3.52 : Added: The option "Add End(E!)/Cont(C.) marks" is added.
v3.51 : Added: The option "Put the original sender's address(From:) into 'MAIL FROM:' command" is added.
v3.50 : Other: The shape of the preference dialog has been changed to the landscape shape which can be shown in SVGA size display.
v3.48 : Bug fixed: The time of 'watch-dog timer' option is set to wrong value.
v3.47 : Bug fixed: Sometimes the stuck overflow occurs for "100 account version".
v3.47 : Bug fixed: The preference file is not saved if reboot PC while hosting this program.
v3.46 : Added: Available to jump to the preference window from account list window.
v3.45 : Added: The 'watch-dog timer' option has been added in order to watch if the communication process would get stuck by unexpected errors.
v3.44 : Added: The more strict error checking function for 'non-blocking mode' has been added.
v3.43 : Added: The option 'Use non-blocking-mode' function has been added.
v3.42 : Bug fixed: Some wrong characters appear on Log viewer or sometimes crashes the system.
v3.41 : Bug fixed: Changed the spec that the same time info would be added to Resent-Date: header and Date: header.
v3.40 : Bug fixed: There was a rare case that ForwardMail aborts when processing a complex structure of MIME mail .
v3.39 : Bug fixed: Minor bug fix for receiving time-out
v3.38 : Added: Supports "Partial Mails" by 'message/partial' header.
v3.37 : Bug fixed: Minor bug fix for Japanese version. And a debug log file is created even if the "Enable Logging" option is turned off.
v3.36 : Bug fixed: The time-out recovery while POP authorizing doesn't work sometimes.
v3.35 : Added: The option "Convert and forward all HTML/TEXT parts of HTML mails" added.
v3.34 : Bug fixed: It does not retry to send mails when SMTP server is not available.
v3.33 : Bug fixed: A minor bug regarding the mail numbering of subject header
v3.32 : Added: The option "Scheduler" added.
v3.31 : Added: The option "Show prompting dialog when quitting" has been added.
v3.29 : Added: For the mobile-phone option "Add subject to top of mail body", the size of subject can be limited to specified bytes.
v3.28 : Added: The mobile-phone option "Send divided mails in reverse order" is added.
v3.27 : Bug fixed: MIME parser was depending on the order of headers. Some mails were unreadable when removing the attached files.
v3.26 : Bug fixed: There is some cases that the SMTP authentication process does not work correctly.
v3.25 : Bug fixed: The prompt dialog of trial limitation should always be shown foreground.
v3.24 : Bug fixed: When using the trial version, the quitting dialog appears in Japanese language and it cannot be read.
v3.23 : Added the feature "Remove xx lines under [ ]" of the mobile phone option tab.
v3.22 : Bug fixed: When the SMTP server returns multiple replying lines, the process unexpectedly stopped.
v3.21 : Added the mobile-phone option "Insert delay when sending each mails"
v3.20 : The previous state of mailboxes(UIDL) can be stored into the disk and it will be loaded next time.
v3.17 : The UIDL command is supported for comparing emails between mailbox and ForwardMail.
v3.16 : Bug fixed: Minor bug fixed ( for subject of Japanese mails encoded by ISO-2022-JP )
v3.15 : Bug fixed: Minor bug fixed ( for Japanese mail when using mobile phone mode )
v3.13-4 : The converting option from HTML to TEXT has been updated.
v3.12 : The advanced option "Send as a forwarded mail" has been checked in default.
v3.11 : The converting option from HTML to TEXT has been updated.
v3.10.1-2 : Bug fixed: When forwarding a mail which contains only a attached file, the MIME structure could not be kept.
v3.09.5 : Added the sorting function of list view.
v3.09.4 : Minor bug fix for few RFC incompliant POP server.
v3.09 : APOP authentication supported.
v3.08.3 : The change, which has been done by v3.08.2(previous version) , is canceled. You can choose the option with the switch "Put my adrs into 'Recent-From:' and put destination into 'Recent-To' ".
v3.08.2 : The option "Put my adrs into 'Recent-From:' and put destination into 'Recent-To' " is forced to be enabled. (The switch in the advanced option will be ignored and the option will be always enabled.)
v3.08 : Bug fixed: When removing the attached file, the 1st MIME header may be lost.
v3.07 : Added the advanced option "Put the destination address to To:".
v3.06.9 : Added the Mobile Phone option "Insert CR into the body per specified bytes".
v3.06.7 : Added the option "Use short subject within 8 bytes".
v3.06.5 : Added the option "Don't forward mails which have no 'To:' header or no '@' letter in 'To' header".
v3.06.4 : Added the option "Don't send 'From:' and 'Reply-To:' ".
v3.06.3 : Added the option "Add the mail number to the subject" when using the mobile phone option.
v3.06.1 : Added the option "Specify timeout [ ]sec" for sending or receiving commands.
v3.06 : When you don't have the right to write any files into the Windows directory, the preference file will be created in the current directory.
v3.05 : Bug fixed : There are some cases that if a mail has a line which described only '.' letter, the part under that line of the mail will not be forwarded. The two line messages of the pop server update has been changed to single line.
v3.04.8 : Bug fixed : The "Dial Up Connection" works every 1 minute. (<-Sorry, it was a careless mistake.) And there are some POP servers that the 'Time Out Error' occurs so frequently.
v3.04.7 : Bug fixed : The account name of "Info" or "Error" slides to appear on the Log Viewer.
v3.04.6 : Added the option "Don't filter the error mails from SMTP server and forward them".
v3.04.5 : Added the option "Put my adrs into 'Recent-From:' and put destination into 'Recent-To' ".
v3.04.4 : Added the explanation of 'FT X' icon to the 'About Icon' dialog.
v3.04.3 : Added : The mobile phone option "Don't convert ISO-8859-1 to US-ASCII" has been added.
v3.04.2 : Bug fixed: Minor bug fixed.
v3.04.1 : Added : The dial-up option has been added.
v3.04 : Added : When using "Add subject to the top pf the mail body" of mobile phone option, "(no subject)" will be added when receiving a mail which has no subject.
v3.03.9 : Bug fixed : When using mobile phone option, the option "remove blank line" doesn't work if there is a space letter at the top of the line.
v3.03.8 : Bug fixed : When using mobile phone option, the mail which has no Content-Type header is not forwarded correctly.
v3.03.6&7: Changed: When using mobile phone option, the "encoding" is forced to change to "7bit".
v3.03.5: Added : The options "don't send Message-Id" and "don't send Date:" have been added.
v3.03.4: Bug fixed : English spelling Revised / Revised not to forward the return mails which has a description "multipart/report;" in Content-Type header field.
v3.03.2: Bug fixed : Minor bug for mobile phone option has been fixed.
v3.03.1: Bug fixed : "Put my address into From: header" option didn't work.
v3.03 : Added : An option to delete incoming mails just after forwarded has been added.
v3.02 : Bug fixed : A fatal bug that it use up all the system resources and cause system crash.
v3.01.2 : Bug fixed: After running long time(over several days), the status bar at the bottom of main window stops being updated.
v3.01 : PUBLIC RELEASE - Version3.0