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New virsions of Ws2dgE, Ws3dgE, WsijzE, and WscntE have been opened to the public Feb. 9th 2003.

Ws3dgE (Three-Dimensional Charting Software)
WscntE (Contour Charting Software)
Ws2dgE (Two-Dimensional Charting Software)
WsijzE (Three-Dimensional Data Coverting Sofware)
Japanese Versions
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WestSide's softwares are a charting program that has been built through our pursuit of how numeric data can be effectively processed and converted into a graph. They have a unique feature; graphic information is divided into three elements: formatting, numeric, and comment data. This feature enables you to translate numeric data into a chart quickly and easily by simply specifying formatting data. Convectional charting softwares can be compared to a custom made suit that requires a lot of time and labor to be finally completed. On the other hand, WestSide's softwares provide you with an easy way to create a desired graph much as you select the suit which best fits from a variety of ready-made suits.

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